Sunday, July 13, 2008

Glowing apple

This photo looks good (I think) with the full reflection showing on the table top.

However, when I uploaded it to Flickr it didn't show properly in the thumbnail so I cut the bottom off a little so the apple itself would show in the thumbnails.

My reason for doing this was whenever a picture is posted to Flickr, it appears as a thumbnail, be it in a group pool or in the contact list.

This is how the thumbnail appears on my flickr photostream:

and this is how the thumbnail appears when I post it to a groups pool:

Cropping the extra table and reflection makes it look better on the thumbnails than without the crop.
EDIT - update on 09 April 2009. This is now my most popular photo on Flickr and a number of 'copies' are floating around on Flickr on this exact same technique.