Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Can of Coke

Lighting info: see setup shot below and explanations.

This picture was made for the Strobist Boot Camp II: Assignment#2. I created it in two parts.

Part one was exposing the can itself and part two was creating the swish behind it. The can was exposed by light from an SB600 at its lowest setting, very close to the can camera left. The light is diffused by the use of a piece of kitchen towel. Light is reflected back onto the can camera right by use of a folded piece of paper. The first few images were made on the table top which I didn't like much. A black box was used to change the background and the surface black.

Part two was creating the swish. The exposure was set to two and a half seconds to allow enough time to create the swish. The light to create the swish is from the lit screen of my mobile phone. It took me around 70 attempts to create the look I was looking for.

PP - desaturated and dodged the swish to bring out the whites.